Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Throw a Flat Bag


In order to be a great bags player, you MUST learn how to throw the bag so that it spins through the air. A horizontal, spinning bag is the key to pitching a consistent game for two reasons. First, putting spin on the bag allows it to "sail" through the air without being affected by the wind. Second, a flat spin allows the bag to land smoothly on the game board, and more importantly continue to move in a straight path once it hits the board. A "flopping" bag seems to bounce in different directions after striking the board, making the player's tosses more inconsistent.

So how do you spin the bag perfectly flat? Many beginners find this to be difficult and give up after a few attempts. It does take some practice, but I have come up with a few tips to help players get the hang of it more quickly.

1) Hold the bag perfectly flat from the start, with your thumb on top of the bag and your other fingers underneath. Most beginners do not bend their wrist inward enough to release the bag horizontally flat (parallel to the ground).

2) Begin the toss with your thumb and fingers pointing directly toward your left (if you're pitching right-handed). Try to keep your fingers pointed in this direction as you move through your backswing. As you move your arm forward, your fingers should point straight forward by the time you release the bag, causing the bag to spin through the air. (Wrist motion is similar to throwing a frisbee)

3) It is important to pitch the bag in a smooth, slow motion. Many players lose control during the transition from the backswing to the frontswing, and go through the entire motion too quickly. Your backswing should be very slow until you begin the frontswing, which should gradually increase in speed until the bag is released.

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