Monday, September 28, 2009

New Website

Want to learn more about the sport of cornhole? Visit the new site today! It has tons of information on the game of bean bags. Learn about the different rules of the game, throwing techniques, game strategy, and much more! Become informed about running different types of tournaments and leagues, and visit the tournament search section to find a tournament near you. View the list and descriptions of the best bean bag websites currently on the web. Download brackets for running tournaments; single elimination, double elimination, and any number of teams. Archives of bean bag related articles and previous blog posts from this site will be stored on the site. Look for the website to grow within the next few weeks.

In the future: will be the only website to discuss the strategy of the game. As players become more and more competitive, this game is quickly developing into a sport. Players around the country are reaching pro-status and earning a lot of money by playing in tournaments throughout the year. Players this good know all the tricks of the trade, so why not help the average player become better? All the techniques and strategies used by the pros will be provided on the site for the players to see. Practicing these tips and tricks will help the average player pitch like a pro.

Another goal in the future is to develop a forum for members to discuss strategies, post tournaments, and talk about anything related to this growing sport. Instructional videos and images will be posted to enhance the site, allowing players to see and understand the different types of shots, stances, and strategies discussed on the site. More detailed descriptions of shot types will be made available. A "shot book" of various scenarios will show what type of shot would be best in that scenario. It might sound crazy, but these tips can help you become one of the best players in the country.

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