Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leagues with 4 Player Teams

Many bean bag leagues are ran differently, and most of them are the weekly 2 on 2 matches against other teams in the league. The newest and more attractive types of leagues allow 4 to 6 players on each team with a variety of different games. These leagues typically use the traditional 2 on 2, 1 on 1, and frame games (singles and doubles) mixed for a total of 9 games each night. I thought of a few more ways to play, and even allow all players on the team play at once!

Why not allow the entire team play in one game? Two players from each team would stand at each end of the boards (making it 8 players in all). There can be two ways to score this type of game, one being the traditional scoring to 21 with players from each team alternating turns. I think the better way is to add up the total score of each team after a certain number of innings. Maybe allow each of the four players on each team throw 2 innings, and add up the total points for each team after the 8th inning. It may sound like a 4-person frame game, but the difference is that players from opposing teams are pitching at the same time. This can be referred to as the High Score game.

Perhaps an even better way to do this is having a 2 on 2 High Score game, but have the players on the same team stand on the same side facing the opposing team. Allow Team A to start the game, each player has four bags (8 bags per team), and alternates pitching bags to the other side. The object is to score as many points in each inning as possible, so players are encouraged to knock each other's bags in the hole for a higher team score. Add up the total points for each team after 10 innings to see which team wins.

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