Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Backyard Barkeep

You may have seen a few different types of "score towers" as we call them in the cornhole world. I looked around at a few different products that are available out there to try to find the best. After comparing the ones I have seen and actually used in tournaments, I decided that my favorite score tower is the Backyard Barkeep. There were a few reasons why I chose this product over the rest.

First, I looked at the score-keeping aspect of each product. The Backyard Barkeep has a simple design with a scorecard and two clips to mark the score. Most score towers use this design, and I find it to be the easiest to use. Sometimes it is hard to see the score from the other end, but this holds true for just about every product.

Next, I looked at the overall quality of each score tower. The Backyard Barkeep has a very sturdy design, made entirely of metal, and is able to stand up on nearly any surface. One of the key advantages of this product is the removable metal base. Without the base, you can press the product into the ground by pushing on a small platform above the metal stake. For hard surfaces such as concrete, slide the stake onto the heavy metal base to keep it level and sturdy.

The Backyard Barkeep includes extra built-in perks like cupholders and bottle openers. Each stand has two cupholders that can hold just about anything (yes of course it holds beer, why else would such a product be invented!?!?). There are two bottle openers on each stand as well to accomodate the thirstiest of players.

After carefully analyzing product after product, I decided that this one was the best... especially for the price. Two stands without the metal bases amount to $40; add only $10 for a metal base. for more info on this product visit

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