Monday, October 26, 2009

State vs State

Now that the game of cornhole has been catching on across the country, there are a lot of good players emerging from various states. Sooner or later players will be able to compete against other players from different states in some kind of team competition. For example, a team of players from Indiana can compete against a team from Ohio. This might help spread the game and get more people to play competitive cornhole. It would be a good way to bring in more money from organizations that can sponsor each team. Players can have team uniforms that indicate where the team is from if they wanted to.

As for actual competition, teams can compete in both singles and doubles matches. They can play a certain number of games at each event, and the team that wins the majority of the games would win the event. I guess one team would have to travel far in order to play at the other team's home court; maybe they could meet somewhere in the middle.

The game will have to continue to grow in order to get enough teams to compete, so far there are only a few states that seem to be very serious about cornhole!

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