Thursday, October 1, 2009

I was looking around on the web and I found another blog about cornhole! I do not know why I have not seen it before, it has been around since 2008, but it is a cool site to visit. The author blogs about news, events, and tournaments going on in the cornhole world. Most recently, there were a few posts about the World Championships of Cornhole in Evansville, IN. This was one of the biggest cornhole events of the year with over 100 teams in attendance.

It is good to see that others are trying to spread the word about the game. People are doing it in different ways using all kinds of media. Whether it is on the internet, radio, television, newspapers, or magazines, people found a reason to write about cornhole. It starts with the events. Perhaps 95% of articles and blogs are written about cornhole events, tournaments, and fundraisers that take place across the country. Blogs at are the same way. Almost every post is about a cornhole event that took place somewhere, and had an impact on many people. Other posts were written to provide information on where to buy products, for those that are new to the game and confused by all the standards, specs, and rules.

I would expect to see many more blogs like come about within the next few years. With the increasing popularity of the game, more events and tournaments are going to take place and more people will become addicted to the game. Hopefully it will become as popular as bowling or billiards, so we could eventually see it on ESPN someday., may we pave the way for future blogs and articles that will soon arise and flood the internet with great cornhole literature for all those bean bag enthusiasts out there!

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