Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ACO Turkeyhole: Competitive Doubles

The Turkeyhole event will also involve a competitive doubles tournament in a select few of these cities. Competitive doubles will be held in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, and Louisville, and Chicago will be the only city with Social tournaments. To keep these tournaments competitive, the ACO does not allow two pro-caliber players on the same team. Pros and semi-pros may play together in these types of tournaments. Details of Competitive Doubles are shown below:

$50.00 per team pre-registration on or before NOVEMBER 25th ($80.00 registration at door only if space is still available).We have space available to handle up to 250 teams in Chicago. The event will pay the top four teams with less than 60 teams and the top eight teams with more than 60 teams registered. (Top 4 team payout will be 50% First / 30% Second / 10% Third & Fourth) (Top 8 Team Payout will be 40% First / 20% Second / 10% Top 4 / 5% Top 8 Finish)!


Open to all players - NO TWO ACO-PROS allowed on same team. ROUND ROBIN (only teams winning their round robin bracket advance to the bracket challenge, with a guaranteed minimum of 16 teams advancing into the bracket challenge. If we are short 16 teams advancing we look at overall round robin records to pull in additional teams with a team shoot at accuring for sudden death selection.)

Teams making it out of the Round Robin will be seeded based on their current team total for a "SCR" Score, teams without a current "SCR" Score will be randomly seeded after the " teams with a "SCR" have been seeded. All non Round Robin teams advancing to the Bracket Challenge will be seeded last but will be seeded based on SCR, no SCR format.

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