Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shape of Bags?

I was thinking about the game of cornhole a few days ago, and asked myself a question. Why do we throw square bags into a circular hole? It does not really make sense to me, especially when the bags get stuck on the hole with the corners sometimes. It probably has happened to every one of you at one point, usually with a brand new set of bags.

You may have seen circular bags before, but they are not very common at all. I doubt tht any of the big maufacturers make them. It is the kind of thing that you would make at home and try out for yourself. I have played with these types of bags before, and there really isn't much of a difference in the way the bags feel. However, it does change gameplay a bit. The corners on regular bags can be used to "grab" onto other bags and drag them in when near the hole. When circle bags are hanging over the hole there is less to grab onto.

Circular bags would be harder to sew as well. The size would be hard to make consistent by hand for a consistent feel. I think if these bags did catch on, it would be a good part of business for whatever company decided to manufacture them.

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