Sunday, November 22, 2009

American Cornhole's "Corny Forty"

The American Cornhole Organization (ACO) has taken the role of developing competitive cornhole tournaments for all the serious players out there. They have come up with a ranking system to help seed players in these tournaments and another ranking system that keeps track of the players' performance in the tournaments. The Corny Forty consists of the top 40 players in the nation based on their tournament performance.

The ACO's pro tour revolves around its Master Series tournaments. There are six singles (1 on 1) tournaments in the Master Series that allow players to accumulate points based on where they finish in the tournament. The higher they place, the more points they earn during the season. These points are added to the players Skills Challenge Ranking (SCR) score to determine the total Corny Forty points the player has so far. To get an SCR score, a player throws 13 rounds of four bags and adds up the total points.

The top 40 players at the end of the year are automatically qualified for the King of Cornhole event in Las Vegas. Another 24 players will be able to qualify to complete the 64-player bracket in a qualifier tournament before the main event. This is the most competitive singles tournament on the planet, and with more competitive players than ever, anyone has a chance to win it this year. Someone will be looking to end Matt Guy's winning streak (3 in a row) at this event. This event becomes more competitive every year with new players coming out from various states and making a name for themselves.

At the end of the year after all the Master Series events are finished, the Corny Forty rankings and money list standings are final. A $10,000+ pot is paid out to the top 40 players at the end of the year. Player earnings are based on their final ranking in the Corny Forty.

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