Monday, November 30, 2009

Other Backyard Games

Cornhole/bean bags is not the only popular backyard game that people enjoy. There are a few others that have come about, but not nearly as competitive as cornhole. Bocce ball, ladder golf, washers, and yard darts are a few that I will talk about among many others.

Bocce ball is a fun game that can be played with more than 2 people. In this game players each have 2 like-colored balls that they roll or throw. A smaller ball is thrown first as a target for the players. The object is to toss your balls so it is the closest one to the small one.

Ladder golf is a newer game that involves tossing a rope with a golf ball on each end onto a "ladder" of PVC pipe. There are two or three "steps" that you can trow the rope onto, each being worth a different number of points. The object is to toss the rope to make it land on one of the steps by wrapping around it. The golf balls attached to the rope help it wrap around the pipe.

Washers is another game more similar to cornhole, but instead of throwing bags you use washers. The box is about 20 feet away and has a pipe in the center that you try to throw the washers into. It is worth 1 point if the washer lands in the box, and 3 points for in the pipe. Each player gets 3 washers and the game is played to 21.

Lawn darts is another fun backyard game, even though it is now banned. The game involves lofting large darts into the air toward a hoop lying on the ground about 20 feet away. The goal is to get the dart to stick into the ground inside of the hoop. this game is not sold anymore because of the danger involved.